NAA Update: Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 NAA Annual Awards

What a fantastic night everyone had at The Mere on Thursday evening, my congratulations go to not only the winners of all the Awards, but to everyone who entered, I hope that with you being featured within the brochure that this will lead to additional opportunities for you… Read more
In the Driving Seat: Wes Jacklin, Senior Director, Halewood Transmission Plant, Getrag Ford Transmissions

Wes Jacklin has recently become the Chairman of the Directors and Advisory Board for the NAA, so here’s your chance to find out more about Wes, who doesn’t appear to sit on the sofa in his spare time, as his interests include rallying, track racing, mountain biking, mountaineering and skiing… Read more

NAA Member Company Profile: Company of the Year 2017 - Klarius Products

Klarius Products is the UK’s largest manufacturer of emissions components including exhausts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and associated mounting components, in addition to a host of other products… Read more

NAA Event: Northern Automotive Alliance Award Winners show that the region has moved up a gear

The winners of the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards 2017 show that there is real progress being made in the region’s automotive sector, in areas as diverse as emission control, the manufacture of bespoke supercars, sustainable carbon fibre production and factories harnessing the latest Industry 4.0 technologies… Read more

NAA Event: ‘Pull up to the Bumper’ - Plastic Omnium Automotive, 5 December 2017, Warrington

Plastic Omnium is a worldwide market leader in exterior components and modules. Join us at Plastic Omnium’s new facility in Warrington to see how the company is embracing the challenges of a new facility, whilst meeting and exceeding customer expectations… Read more

NAA Member News: BAC Mono on the Isle of Man - video

A video has been produced of the recent BAC Isle of Man Mono Experience … Read more

NAA Member News: Adrian Hallmark Appointed Chairman and CEO Of Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors has announced the appointment of Adrian Hallmark as its new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, starting on 1st February 2018… Read more

NAA Member News: MES wins facilities contract with Getrag

MES (NW) Limited, a Wigan-based engineering firm, has won a prestigious five-year secured facilities contract with Getrag Ford Transmission GmbH… Read more

NAA Member News: TR Fastenings embarks on automotive trade mission to Mexico

TR Fastenings (TR) took part in a British trade mission to Mexico this summer, as part of a group of businesses representing the UK’s automotive industry… Read more

NAA Event Review: NAA visit to Bentley, 24 October 17

One of the unique benefits of NAA membership is the opportunity to take advantage of behind the scenes tours at automotive manufacturing sites, and the NAA’s recent visit to Bentley Motors is an example of such a ‘money can’t buy’ visit… Read more

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