NAA Update: The Brexit vote and the election have so far given us uncertainty, and a headline message from last week’s SMMT Open Forum is that we’re entering a ‘decade of disruption’. Read on to find out how the NAA can help you chart your way through all of this…

As Carol has been away on holiday, Steve Williams, NAA Director and Managing Director of Force Technology, attempts to make some sense out of a tumultuous recent period in the UK and the implications for the automotive industry… Read more
In the Driving Seat: George Fowkes, Director, BasePower

George Fowkes presented about BasePower at the recent NAA Force Technology visit, now’s your chance to find out more about George and his Peugeot 306… Read more

NAA Networking Event review: Cummins Turbo Technologies

NAA members recently enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Cummins Turbo Technologies’ engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities in Huddersfield… Read more

NAA Networking Event review: Force Technology, 14 June 2017, Blackpool

NAA members were able to hear how Force Technology has grown from a start-up to a supplier of springs to some of the world’s largest automotive companies in less than two years … Read more

NAA Event review: Automechanika

The NAA had a stand at the recent Automechanika event, featuring three of our member companies, Plus Point, Servispart and Turbo Precision Components… Read more

Event review: The electric, connected & autonomous future of cars at SMMT Open Forum 2017

The 2017 SMMT Open Forum event looked at the future of the automotive industry, and electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles were seen as three of the key areas of change over the coming years… Read more

NAA Member News: BAC active in the Isle of Man, Canada and Japan

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has recently taken its Mono supercar to the Isle of Man and Japan, as well opening up a new export market of Canada… Read more

NAA Member News: Festo launches Industry 4.0 course

Festo Training & Consulting has launched its first Industry 4.0 course. The course will equip business leaders with the strategic skills and insights to make the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution - where the ready availability of data and the standardisation of machine communication will enable new and disruptive business models to emerge… Read more

NAA Member News: Plus Point launches new website focusing on people, performance and process

Plus Point has launched a brand new website to focus on promoting its process and performance driven approach. The automotive quality control supplier has launched the new site with new functionalities and an easier to use interface… Read more

NAA Member News: PACCAR Awards Scorpion Automotive its prestigious 10PPM Award

Every year, PACCAR presents its prestigious "10 PPM Quality Achievement award" to a select group of suppliers meeting or exceeding rigorous customer satisfaction, quality, warranty criteria and a requirement of maintaining a defect rate of less than 10 PPM... Read more

Industry News: Portal for skilled people leaving the Oil and Gas Industry

Following the downturn in the Oil and Gas industry, many skilled engineers, technicians, science professionals and people with related skills are leaving the sector as job losses continue to grow. The Government has funded a specific Oil and Gas Portal where people leaving companies in the sector can register and be visible to employers across the wider engineering, technology, manufacturing and science industries looking to recruit... Read more

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